I have two lovely dogs who are not quite Border Collies. Collies need a lot of exercise and these two love to play. They are enthusiastic and will greet you with lots of excitement. Sammie and I do dog agility together (jumping, running over a see-saw etc) and we regularly compete in shows. Spike is more than happy to play football wherever, whenever. Tom, my partner, and I don't have any children so these two are the closest we've got.

I understand that some people don't like dogs, and that is one of the reasons why I've created this page. I have had many visitors to the house who aren't fond of dogs but they have grown to love Spike and Sammie. I've even had one visitor who was really afraid of dogs and she wouldn't even come through the front door. I will shut them out of the way if you want me to, they are used to it.


Age: 13 years
Breed: Border Collie x Lurcher
Gender: Male
Favourite Food: Sausages
Favourite Toys: Football
KC Name: Pirate Spike Bluebeard
Adopted Age: 18 months


Age: 9 years
Breed: Border Collie x Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Female
Favourite Food: Rabbit
Favourite Toy: Mr Fox
KC Name: Little Green Sammie Star
Adopted Age: 9 months